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February 12, 2022 ◊ Marketing Automation

The Role of Automation in Your Organic Sales Business



The Role of Automation in Your Online Sales Business

The Role of Automation in Your Organic Sales Business

One of the most frequently asked questions I have gotten over the years is how to automate. Often, entrepreneurs want to automate as much as they can. And therein lies the place where I ask them to think about automation a little differently.

Automation does NOT replace you. There is NO substitute for the human factor in sales and marketing. After all, YOU are the reason someone will decide to buy from you, so you had better show up for your audience and prospects.

The bottom line is that human-to-human connection is the real key to making sales.

So, then how does automation fit into the big picture?

Automation should ENHANCE what you are already doing, not replace it! And this factor alone will open up opportunities for you to connect with and nurture your audience.

Here are reasons you do want to include automation in your marketing process and how you can use automation to make your business more streamlined and efficient.

1. Simplify

Automation is a great way to simplify processes in your business. This includes both internal processes and external outreach to your audience.

When you are looking for ways to take some of the burden from yourself with an automated process, think of all the things that do not need you, the human, in them. This could include some of your onboarding for both clients and employees, following up with prospective clients, nurturing prospective clients who were not quite ready to buy, segmenting by interests or needs, and so much more. All of these things will provide an exceptional customer journey and allow your audience to get to know like and trust you!

2. Nurture

Let's face it if you want to make sales you need to nurture your audience. This does a few things. It warms them up to you when you are sending them value-add content that is truly helpful to them. It helps to create the know-like-trust that is so important for them to want to buy from you. Since it can take up to 16 touches with your content for them to even consider buying from you, automation allows you to rapidly make those touches in a way that is beneficial to both them and you!

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3. Free Up YOUR Time

Business and Marketing automation is a way to free up your time so that you can do what matters - grow your business and take care of clients! I have met far too many overwhelmed and exhausted entrepreneurs who are doing it all. And when you get processes in place to handle some of the load, you get to show up more powerfully for your audience and your clients.

4. Reach more clients

This is actually two-fold. You can reach more people by creating ways for your audience to get value from an opt-in, and you get their email address in return. This allows you to always be growing. But here is the key - you MUST provide some kind of win for them when you offer them a lead magnet. If you do, they will want to remain on your list to learn more. If you don't, they may not see the value of sticking with you.

The second way you can reach more clients is through follow-up. Follow-up is vital to making sales, and far too often it either falls through the cracks or entrepreneurs stop following up too soon. Automation can help you follow up and stay in front of people without having to do personal outreach yourself. When you create an automated process for nurturing people who opt-in, you can lead them to work with you by providing value consistently. When they see the value you add for them, they are more likely to buy when you do make an offer. If you did all of this follow-up without automation, you will be spending the majority of your days doing this.

5. Have a Bigger Impact on the World

If you are like many of my clients, you want to impact the world in a big and positive way. Automation allows you to do this because you are able to trach more people, attract more clients, and impact more lives.

So, while YOU are really the key to making the sales in your business, automation can make things flow easier and help you be more productive along the way. This is why I help my clients create automation in their businesses that provide an exceptional experience for both them and their clients.

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