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Blueprint for Success Business Planning Workshop January 2023


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Success has a plan! In this workshop, you will create a Business Plan for 2023, as well as may out your marketing plan for the year. You will walk away with a working plan for success in 2023!



Success always has a plan!
Having a plan and a blueprint for your success allows you to map out your year, your months, your weeks, and even your days all the way down to your hours.
When you have a business and marketing plan written and mapped out for the year, you will instantly have a structure that provides you with a solid plan for how you will get to your goals.
That is why this year, I am hosting a 2023 Business and Marketing Planning Day!
This is a working workshop, so come prepared to dig in and get your business plan done for 2023. We will also plan out your products, generate ideas for you, and structure your marketing plan to reach your 2023 goals.
If it sounds like a lot. It is! That is why this workshop is 4 hours (don't worry, we will have a break). You will have some time to do some of the work so that you leave with a success plan for 2023!
So, don't delay, This is a workshop you will definitely want to attend!

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