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Create a Signature Offer that Sells

Create a Signature Offer that Sells!

Create a Signature Offer that will attract the RIGHT clients, you will become known for, people will refer to you for it, and your clients will rave about it because it solves the problem they most need solves to reach their goals!

Do you...


    Post your offer and hear crickets?


    Want to attract more of the RIGHT clients?


    Need more sales conversations?


    Have sales conversations, but have trouble converting them into sales?


    Want more referrals?


    Want to be known as an expert in your field?


    Want to have an offer that you can rely on to bring in consistent revenue year after year?


You are not alone!

Many entrepreneurs struggle with finding their niche and crafting an offer that fully resonates with that niche.

In today's competitive online environment it is more important than ever to become known for what you do to stand out as THE expert in your field.

If you create offers that don't sell, or that you struggle to sell, or if you simply need to attract more of the RIGHT clients then this course is for you.

The key to scaling your business is to have the right offer in place, have an offer that has clear results, and be seen as THE expert so that others can refer to you.

If this is what you want, then you are in the right place!

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Create a Signature Offer That Sells is designed to walk you through the process of creating an offer that your clients want and need. You will walk away from this course with a Signature Offer that will attract and convert.

Your Signature Offer will create authority online and set you apart as a Leader. Creating the right offer will help you generate a consistent flow of income and clients so that you can focus on serving your clients instead of working so hard to acquire them.

This is not just any offer. This is an offer that will bring in a consistent flow of recurring revenue into your business each and every month! Are you ready to get started building your empire?

What You'll Learn

  • Social Media Optimization


    Before you do anything online, you should optimize your social media platforms. This let's people you connect with know exactly why they need to know you!

  • Find Clients


    Creating an offer does not mean that you can just post it and forget it. You will learn how to find the right clients who will want and NEED what you offer.

  • How to find out what they really want!


    Before you can sell an offer, you need to understand what your potential clients are really looking for! 

  • Refining Your Niche


    More often than not, many of my clients are not niched down enough. You will learn how to refine your niche so that you can create an offer that speaks directly to their needs.

  • Talking About Your Offer


    You need to be able to convey to your audience exactly why they should care about your offer. They need to understand how it helps them and why YOU are the perfect person to help them.

  • Closing the Sale and Handling Objections


    Closing sales is where many struggle. You will learn how to handle objections and how to approach sales so that it does not feel so....well, salesy.

  • How to find their BIGGEST need and fill it with your offer!


    When you fill their biggest need with your offer, you are solving that one problem that is keeping them from their goals. This is exactly what they need.

  • Downsells


    You will learn how and when to use downsells and why you need to have one in your back pocket.


You get all this and so much more. The best part is that when you complete this course you will have a       Signature Offer that will Sell!

Are you ready to create the perfect Signature Offer, be seen as THE expert that your ideal clients need, attract the RIGHT clients that will refer more clients to you?

Course Preview

Attract the Right Clients

When you have the right offer, the right clients will show up!


Be Known as the Expert

Having the right offer shows that you understand your ideal clients and they will see you as the expert they need!

Close More Sales

The right offer that attracts the right clients, combined with being able to talk about how your offer will make their life or business better, and be able to address concerns allows you to close more sales!



Module 1: Set Yourself Up for Success 

Module 2: Understanding Your Clients and Refining Your Niche

Module 3: Filling Their Biggest Need with a High-Ticket Offer

Module 4: Finding Clients and Giving Them More Than They Expect

Module 5: Talking About Your Offer in a Way That Will Sell It

Module 6: Closing the Sale, Objections, and Down Sells

Module 7: Bonus: The End Product and Where to Go From Here


Lisa is excellent at leveraging time and marketing resources through automation. After attending one of her training programs, I identified the areas of my business that need more attention and was able to take simple and practical actions. I highly recommend Lisa for business coaching and marketing solutions.

Adrienne Hart



I'm starting a new business and took Lisa's course as a refresher. Things have changed a lot in close to 40 years. And this course was fantastic to get my new business up and running taking all the changes into account. Whether your business is new or existing this business plan training from Lisa is all you need to surpass your dreams for 2023. Thanks, Lisa! ????

Kathryn Gray


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Meet Your Instructor

Lisa Balthaser

Lisa Balthaser

Business Coach


I am so happy to have you here! My name is Lisa Balthaser and I am a Business Coach and Digital Strategist. I help entrepreneurs just like you grow and scale their businesses online. I earned two marketing degrees and became an ICF-trained business coach to better serve you! I have learned through working with clients that many times you have great offers, but lack the mindset and the know-how to market them effectively. In this course, you will get both the practical and the mindset tips necessary to Create a Signature Offer that Sells. 

"At the workshop, it seemed apparent that you know how to “tie” in various aspects of social media and have it “brand” the particular company you are trying to help promote."  – DD


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