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Create a High-Converting Lead Magnet

Create a High-Converting Lead Magnet

Creating a high-converting lead magnet starts long before the lead magnet. The CORE of ALL of your messaging, content, and strategy is having a COMPLETE understanding of your ideal client (ICA) and target audience.

Yes, I know you already know who your ICA is, but we are going to take it deeper to have a better understanding. And THAT is how you will be able to connect on a deeper level and really resonate with your ICA.

The first two parts of this training focus solely on your ICA and buyer persona. Once you work through these two modules, you will be able to create high-converting lead magnets, programs, AND content that converts.

I know you may be rolling your eyes because you have been through all kinds of training on this already. But when you go through the first two modules, I want you to take note of what you are learning about your ideal client avatar, what she is going through, and what she is thinking every day.

When you understand all of these things abotu your avatar and address those things in your content and programs, you will be calling in your true clients.

So, take good notes, and keep your mind open about intimately learning more about your ICA in these modules.

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