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November 13, 2022 ◊ Social Media Marketing

Content that Converts




Content that Converts

It is the desire of every entrepreneur to have content that attracts the right audience and converts them into paying clients! So being intentional about your content can go a long way in attracting and converting clients.

5 Reasons Your Content is NOT Converting

1. Your Content is Watered Down

Watered-down content is too general and not specific enough to attract a specific type of client. The more focused your content is, the better it will attract your ideal clients. Instead, be intentional about your content. Remember, less is more if it is intentional and focused.

2. You are Not Meeting Your Clients Where They Are

In order to convert your audience into paying clients, you need to understand exactly where they are in their business and their journey. You also need to understand what they struggle with and how you fit into the solution.

3. Your Content Does Not Speak to Objections

One of the best ways to prevent objections is to address them in your copy. Of course, this does not mean you will not hear the objection, but it does mean that if you do you already have an answer to the objection if you have already addressed it in your content.

Remember, most of the time objections are excuses and lies people tell themselves. If you address them in your copy, you are hitting them straight on with the stories they tell themselves, and they have to face them.

4. You Give Too Much Away/You Canabalize Your Sales

Okay, okay! I get that you want to help people and save the world and all the things, but you have a business and you need to make money! Set a standard and guidelines you stick to when you are on calls with clients. Give them a quick win or a general overview of what the problem is, but NOT the solution.

5. Your Content is ONLY Focused on Sales

You are coming across as a salesly weirdo! Stop that! If you create content only to sell without providing value, you will lose people quickly. People hate to be sold to, and even though we are always selling when we are in business, the way we do it matters.

Providing value and educating your audience allows you to sell yourself BECAUSE of the value you bring to your audience. If you post only sales copy and are selling each and every post, your audience will lose interest because they are not receiving value and solutions from you and they cannot assess whether or not they would want to work with you if all you do is sell without value content.

So, What Content DOES Convert?

1. Behind the Scenes

This gives your audience a glimpse into your world. You can also use behind-the-scenes posts to let your audience know what you are working on r have them help you name something or finalize parts of a program.

2. Written Content that Drives People to Video

You can use this to presell or to drive your audience to your live show, training, or other content they may not know about that adds value for them.

3. Group Welcome Posts

This type of post can be used to get them oriented with your group, offer any freebies that would benefit them, and ask new members to schedule a free call. The act of scheduling that free call IS a conversion. The goal of a welcome post is to ask them to take some kind of action, and that is your conversion!

The Client Journey

As an entrepreneur, your goal is to get a sale. However, you need to break that down, so you don't see your potential clients as numbers, but as actual people.

Your copy should always speak directly to your IDEAL client and should take them on a client journey that allows them to get to know you and ultimately want to buy from you.

The basic structure of the client journey looks like this:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Purchase
  • Retention

When creating your copy think of the journey you want to take them on and make sure your copy does that!

Mistakes with Live Video

1. No Strategy

When you plan out your video, think of what action you want viewers to take. It could be to sign up for an upcoming program, download a freebie, or simply join your Facebook group. Your content should drive people to take that action. In addition to that, you should announce your CTA (call-to-action) early on in the video and repeat it frequently throughout your video. Be sure to drop the link somewhere to make it really easy for them to take action!

No Value

ALL videos should provide value. Whether you are teaching, giving a quick tip, or explaining how you work with people, your video should inform or educate in some way.

3. Sloppy Videos

While live video tends to be very forgiving, you still do need to show up professionally and organized. Your video itself does not need to be perfect, but if you are disorganized, unprofessional, or all over the place, you are not showing up in a way that will make your audience want to buy from you.

4. Not hitting the LIVE button!

Okay, the elephant is out of the room. I talk to people every day who are scared to go live. When you do this you are actually preventing your audience from the opportunity to get to know you, which leads to more sales. In essence, you are sabotaging yourself. People buy from people they know like and trust, and live video is one of the fastest ways to achieve that!

A Simple Video Format that Works

This is a VERY basic format, and you will want to educate, teach and inform while you are following this format. But the basic format is as follows:

  • Address the problem
  • Agitate - use emotion and feelings
  • Provide the solution
  • Give a CTA (call-to-action)

While this is very basic, it does work if it is executed well.

These are just a few of my ideas of what works and what does not. I would love to hear some of your ideas in the comments below!


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